Movement in Music Cards

Music supports our soul in creating movement.  The vibrations of the sound impact our heart, mind, spirit, and body and in doing so will create movement in every area of our soul and our lives.  These cards help us connect more intentionally to music AND our voices.  Each card includes 4 sections..

What music can do in our lives

A journal prompt to help us identify how we want that value to show up in our life

A prompt to select a song to help support our soul in feeling that value in our life

A prompt for our voices so that we can practice using our sound to call that value into our life

These cards have helped many women month after month create impact and movement in the souls, lives, and in their voices.  

For even more fun join my Facebook group.  On the first of every month I pull one of these cards for anyone who would like it!  It helps us set an intention for the month, create our lives with a little more purpose, and let music and our voices support us in movement. 

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