Soul Sound Assessment

Your voice is the manifestation of our soul, your heart, mind, spirit, and body.  We use our voices to create the world around us, share our missions, and communicate with the ones we love.  When we are connected to the true frequency of our soul we are able to impact the world around us with more power.  We are able to communicate more effectively and in ways that are in alignment with who we are.  We are able to share our message with more ease and we are able to call in what we are desiring to create in our lives.

In this 60 minute assessment session we will talk about where your voice is naturally shining in your life, what you value in communication and how it is showing up, and where the base of your sound is.  Through the lens of sound I will determine what is hold you back from expressing your voice's full power. 

Let's get you connected to the power and frequency your voice holds.   Click the link to sign up for a Soul Assessment Session.  


Cytel is such an amazing light in this world and I am SO GRATEFUL our paths crossed! My experiences working with Cytel have opened me up to recognizing what being in alignment and wholeness look like in my life! Her intuitive abilities have helped me embrace my voice and find courage to fearlessly be myself, both through working one in one with her and through the value she freely gives through her platform. Working with Cytel will not only help you give yourself permission to step into your true identity, but will also help you identify WHO you actually are and what that even means!

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