Are You Ready to Connect to the sound of your soul?

My name is Cytel (like recital without the 're' 😉). As a vocal intuitive and light filled astrologer, I am here to connect you to the power and frequency of your voice.

I take men and women on a journey to discover and hear the sound of their souls so they can express who they are, what they want, and where they're going with resounding confidence. Come experience the sound of your soul with me!

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Diagnostic Voice Session

Your voice holds the power to create the life you want.  It holds the power to impact the lives of thousands.  Your voice is the doorway to your soul.  Let's unlock those doors so that you can unleash the power within you. 

Manifest with your Voice!

The world was created by The Word, but it wasn't just the words themselves that caused the creation.  It was the IMPACT of the sound on the universe. In this free class we will be talking about how to use our voices to create impact and manifest in our own lives.

Movement in Music Cards

Music is a powerful force in our lives.  It touches every part of our soul, our hearts, minds, spirits, and our body.  These cards are designed to help you use music more intentionally in your life.

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