The Sound of Money

In this class we will tune in to our personal frequency of money.  When we talk about money its easy to think that its a specific do' and dont's one that is the exact same as everyone else.  I have found that, while there are similar actions that lead to good money habits, everyone has their own path, their own frequency to receiving that money and achieving those habits they are wanting, needing and desiring.  Money feels different for me than for you.  In this class we will get you connected to your specific frequency of money and you will learn how to use your voice to create more.  You will tap into the feeling that will create and abundance of money for you. 


"I did Cytel's Sound of Money session and TWO DAYS later received an opportunity I've been wanting for FREE!!!! Cytel is SO GIFTED at what she does, and I can't wait to see what happnes next as I keep implementing the things she taught in that session."

"Since my divorce I have felt that there is never enough money.  Today I paid some bills and mapped things out and was like oh....I have lots more!  And to add to that, I have been working with an energy worker and she thought I owed her but we calculated it and I have actually overpaid her enough for 2 more sessions."

"This course and any course really from Cytel have depth, they have meaning, they have soul, they have direction. If you're drawn to taking her course, you are very wise. This course has a beautiful balance of information and exploration. She opens you up to receiving your sound, through your own spiritual gifts. All the action steps are achievable and vital in really connecting and aligning to our path of money. 10,000/10 would recommend it! I have rewatched so many of her courses and they are continually helping me through life."

"Loved this! Thank you so much! I was actually pleasantly surprised that my own money sound sounded pretty similar to God's sound of money. Makes me feel more confident that I'm on the right track."

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